Enhanced Practice Management Solutions.

No matter how long they've been in practice, dentists know that it can be challenging to run an efficient, cost-effective dental office. Just as their dental procedures are becoming more reliant on technology, they are also looking for ways to enhance and automate other aspects of their dental business. They've proven that by purchasing your Practice Management Software - a one-time purchase that added to your bottom line and made the dental office more efficient.
But what if you could offer an enhancement to your PMS? An enhancement that:
  • Provides unique value to the dentists who use your application with a technological breakthrough that seamlessly keeps them in contact with their patients – and let their patients contact the dental office - 24/7/365.  
  • Can be customized in four to eight weeks to work with your PMS without interfering with its original operations. (And, with a commitment to a certain number of dental customers, this customized programming can be done at no cost to you!).
  • Is available right now from Troll Software, LLC!

That's right - Troll Software has developed an easy-to-use, real-time interactive scheduling application that features true two-way communication between office and patient. This Internet-based program manages specific appointment procedures and patient accounts using existing desktop PCs. It simplifies the time-consuming manual process of calling patients to confirm or schedule appointments. Using it will identify the dental clinic as leading-edge provider, and busy patients, who always appreciate time-saving convenience, will want to refer their friends.

Highlights of the Troll Software for Dental system include:
  1. Convenient communication. Appointment change or cancellation requests can be generated by the patient, with the final appointment change confirmed either manually or automatically by the dental office. The office has control at all times. Patients can choose how to communicate with the office regarding appointment requests. Their communication options include phone (land line or cellular), integrated email, an online interface, and text messaging. When busy patients take advantage of these quick, familiar communication options, office staff will be freed up to focus on other projects.
  2. Automated appointment reminders. Once the patient determines how often and by what method a dental appointment reminder should be received, the Troll Software for Dental application takes over. Unless the patient specifically requests a live call, reminders are sent via email and text message. Patients can quickly reply back using email or text messaging to accept, request a reschedule, or cancel an appointment. Additionally, if they use standard electronic calendaring such as Outlook, the accepted appointment will be automatically added to their calendars. This electronic interaction helps solve the problem of keeping the dental chairs full, which, in turn, saves the dental office time and money.
  3. Daily reports. Dentists can set up the system to generate reports that show the system's activity within timeframes determined by each dentist. One dentist may want a report daily, another weekly, another hourly – the frequency is always controlled by the dental office.
  4. Easy system access. Since the Troll Software for Dental application runs off existing office PCs, monitoring it for patient communication is a matter of a few keystrokes. Its layout and functionality are easily used by both intuitive and technologically-challenged users. The application automatically monitors appointment additions and changes as well as patient information additions and changes, and synchronizes them with the Internet- based mirror. Using Troll Software for Dental enhances patient relationships by giving them communication options they are asking for and expect from a modern dental office.
  5. Constant polling. The Troll Software for Dental system will receive and hold incoming messages until asked to display them. Each dental office, depending on their specific needs, controls how changes are accepted as well as the polling frequency. This control improves office efficiency and helps ensure the accuracy of patient information. Patients' reply messages appear on the dental PMS station. And, other programs that may be running when those messages come in are not interrupted.
  6. Interactive patient information.  Troll Software for Dental automatically creates an online account for each patient family. All accounts are controlled with secured usernames and passwords, and are accessible to the patient via the Internet through a dental office website. If a patient forgets the access information, dental office staff can access it. And, just as with the appointment changes, the dental office has final approval of any changes to their account information that patients may have entered via the website.
  7. Training. The Troll Software for Dental application is extremely easy to use, so time-consuming formal training is not necessary. An on-line, user-friendly Help menu is always available via a click of the mouse.
This is the proverbial win-win situation. The dental office saves money and staff time with the Troll Software for Dental system, and patients appreciate the program's convenience. And satisfied patients will refer their positive experiences to their friends – good service and good dental care all in one package. 
Dentists are going to love the Troll Software for Dental application. And you're going to love showing it to them.

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